There is a rapid transformation in the pedagogy adopted for education transfer at all levels. The formative levels of education are also facing the challenge in staying abreast with this change and preparing students right from the beginning for the dynamism in the environment and the job titles that predictably would exist in the times to come. The educational sector is evolving as a learning community with the focus to equip students with the skills of the 21st century.

Digital age and schooling

For a long time now, the schools have operated on an industrial model that taught the three R’s: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Today’s time is far more demanding and  the focus needs to be on fostering the skills of creative thinking, digital literacy, team work, leadership skills, collaboration, application of knowledge. All this and more is the outcome of the rapid change in the information enriched digital work and community environment.

Challenges of the formative academic level

  • Better global connectivity and competition
  • Measures of success have shifted from scores to holistic determinants
  • Greater accountability of schools
  • Resistance to change in both students and schools
  • Hesitation  in acceptance of technology as a platform of change
  • Greater risk of errors during the implementation of technology at the academic level

Schools need to meet these challenges with more structured approaches. A brief outline of these approaches could be:

  • Developing technology savvy skills
  • Enhancing pedagogy to better use the advent of technology in education
  • Delivering better learning outcomes

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