Technology Brings Transformation in Education World

The world is witnessing a very interesting transformational phase. While the internet has converted it into a global village, the e-era has connected people from different nations. And when the entire world seems to have adopted the look of the … Continued

Tips to Design Syllabus

A simple way to excel in any course or program of study is to get and follow a well designed syllabus. Also, the main concern is to cover up all the points coming under a curriculum in order to meet … Continued

Can a Doctoral Candidate Opt to Not Teach?

There are many concerns and doubts about the employability alternatives of doctoral candidates. These days, more of the discussions of doctoral candidates revolve around teaching as a career option for PhD. A lot of them have picked up and developed … Continued

Global Impact of Virtual Classroom Is Good or Bad?

Implementation of technology has modernized the education system not only by introducing projectors, E-Books, presentations, study videos, but majorly by virtual classroom.  The virtual classroom is a means of imparting education worldwide by the mode of web conferencing and creating … Continued

Benefits of Online & Distance Learning System

Online and distance learning can be used synonymously, because in both the systems, one completes one’s courses without physically attending the college. However, both the terms are independent, and have their own significant meanings. Online Learning System – It is … Continued

Can e-learning replace conventional learning

E-learning is becoming the next big thing in education. In many ways, it has replaced the old traditional ways of education and it brings about a positive change in the way people perceive education. Earlier, a teacher played the most … Continued

Academic content development using e-learning

E-learning has many benefits compared to the traditional classroom learning methods. With e-learning, students across the world get access to study materials and they can easily develop knowledge about the subject without facing any practical problems. Also, with the clever … Continued