Benefits of Online & Distance Learning System

Online and distance learning can be used synonymously, because in both the systems, one completes one’s courses without physically attending the college. However, both the terms are independent, and have their own significant meanings.

Online Learning System – It is a system that allows students to study and complete their degree from a remote location, on their computer or laptop, without visiting the college or university. It is the hottest trend these days, among working professionals, who can not leave their jobs, but want increase their educational and professional qualifications.

Distance Learning – In this medium, a student gets a degree or certification from a university or college, without attending any classroom session, physically. They need to enroll in their desired program at the desired university and college, and have to complete their lessons and notes on their own, and appear in the examination. Some universities offer study materials in their distance education program.

Benefits of Online & Distance Learning

Flexibility – These modes of education are a great help for working professionals, who want to deepen the value of their Curriculum Vaite. They can earn a higher degree without disturbing their regular day-today job. They do not have to attend classes; and they can complete their studies in their free time.

Convenient – Furthermore, these means of education come with materials, and online and expert support. You have learning materials, books, online sessions, chat support, and college telephone line. You can clear your doubts by speaking to the professors and support desk, over phone call, chat or email. Some universities organize a real classroom like online learning sessions.

Affordable – Education, these days, is quite expensive. Many students do not complete their studies owing to lack of funds. Online and distance education programs are not as pricey as regular programs. One can now yearn for a higher degree for a better career.

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