Can e-learning replace conventional learning

E-learning is becoming the next big thing in education. In many ways, it has replaced the old traditional ways of education and it brings about a positive change in the way people perceive education. Earlier, a teacher played the most important role in the education system since their inputs mattered the most to the students. Students did not have access to computers or the internet so they relied on the teacher completely for correct information. However, if the teacher is flawed and unable to teach the right way, the entire education system gets blamed.

In the scenario of e-learning, this problem does not exist. E-learning can be controlled in terms of quality and knowledge imparting. A number of professional experts thoroughly check the content creation and the quality of the education material that is provided on e-learning portals. This gives the e-learning portal a stamp of authentication and therefore, it is more reliable. Also, with e-learning, students can learn anywhere, anytime. Technology is getting more and more accessible by the day. We can study on desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobiles. So the conventional need of a classroom does not exist anymore, thus saving space and money.

E-learning is an interactive way to learn, so it arouses more interest amongst students. It gives them a chance to learn through videos and graphics that help them in betting understanding of basic concepts.

Conventional learning is surely being overpowered by e-learning solutions. Due to the convenience, accessibility and lower costs of education, there is a high possibility that e-learning will replace the conventional classroom method of teaching in many places. However, for young students and toddlers, parents might still prefer the conventional teaching practices since it gives their children a chance to interact with like-minded children and develop in a better environment.

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