How effective is an online dissertation coach

Dissertation is by no means an easy task and the sheer volume of the project and the importance laid upon it is reason enough to send scores of graduates students and young scholars to university counselors. Submitting the dissertation, after all is the final segment in one’s long drawn graduate life and the stepping-stone to the future career. This task however, is not very easy and one can easily be overwhelmed by phases of self-doubt, procrastination, writers block, anxiety, etc. The university appointed guide can help you with your work, but what about more pressing and humane issues that plague almost all graduate students at some point in their dissertation writing. This is where a dissertation coach comes into picture.

A dissertation coach, unlike the university appointed guide and supervisors, is akin to a comrade who patiently guides you through the entire journey of writing a dissertation. Dissertation coaches are subject matter experts who along with their years of experience help you with both the academic hurdles and the personal stop breaks during the dissertation writing process.

For instance, as a graduate student, one is expected to be aware of certain fundamentals beforehand and seeking help with these issues can at times be looked down upon at the university. However, a dissertation coach is not your judgmental professor or peer, he will explain each basic detail in the simplest of terms possible to enable you to get a grasp on the subject and be well prepared while facing your professors.

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