Importance of Different Types of Content

In the world of management education, there are several academic domains, and in each of those domains, there are several theoretical foundations, which actually make the building blocks of these domains. If the industrial world is being looked at, then it can be experienced that there are great implications of these theories on several domains of management. However, with the changes in global business scenario, these theoretical foundations have also gone through a series of modifications, by means of which those changes are incorporated in the existing theoretical foundations. Now, reflection of these aspects should be visible in the domains of management education, and in accordance with that, in the teaching pedagogies and the educational contents as well. Considering the arena of management education, Master’s and Doctoral students play two important roles in implementation of theories and building of theories. Therefore, the contents to delivered for both of these categories of students have to be radically different, so as the pedagogies, as the expected outcomes are largely different from each other.

The content to be developed for Master’s level students has to be more implementation oriented, i.e. the content should have more case study based examples of real organizations, and less about theoretical frameworks. Initially, after letting the students know about the basic building blocks of the theoretical foundations, they should be taught about how to implement those theories in practical scenarios. On the other hand, cases of doctoral students are little bit different. In the contents to be delivered at their classes, there should be more focus on theoretical foundations, i.e. history of development, rationale behind the theory, how building blocks of the theory are founded etc. so that they can have a clear picture about those foundations, and they can be able to mould those according to the call of situation. For more information about various aspects of content development, kindly browse through the pages of

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