It Is Unbelievable How Some Simple Daily Activities Can Enhance Productivity

I am sure all these tips would not be new for you. You must have heard them all before but have you actually ever thought of implementing them? It is acceptable that changing habits is not easy and unless the circumstances force us, we do not change them. But the point here is that we can change them. The scope is there!!

 I will here give you a list of five habits. You may not identify with all seven and there is not a need to do that all together anyways. There may be some of them that define you and your personality and you may need to adapt in your life. Pick up one habit and upon implementing it, observe the change it brings in the outcome of your work.

  1. Take timely breaks from continuous work schedules: It is not humanly possible to work with same quality and consistency for long number of hours daily and the schedule lasting for days together. Have you ever noticed, sometimes, in between work, we just surf the net or take breaks to day dream or just a nap. This so happens even when we don’t want to do so. This the way the mind or body decides to take its own break, not waiting for your consent or signal for the same.

 I suggest, adopt a more proactive approach and take breaks at regular intervals. It would help you to stay focussed for a longer span of time. Refrain from being on social media during the break period. Get up from your desk and stay away from electronics.

  1. Set your goals in advance: For most of the people, morning is the most productive time of the day. It can be best utilised by having the plan of action in hand right away in the morning. Sometimes, when we do not do that, the best time is lost doing nothing important. A night before,  sort out or better pen down your goals on a piece of paper that you would like to accomplish the nest day. Kick start the day, not be surfing the net or checking you mail but investing your best energy in the most productive work.
  2. Take walks in fresh air: A body in motion helps better to resolve the problems at hand. Take the plunge to beat the weather extremities and move out in the open. An outdoor physical activity, something as simple as even a brisk walk can bring insights we have been oblivious to.
  3. Minimize online time: Use the internet for necessary things and only necessary things. Minimizing your time on the internet. Practice to keep all gadgets away from you at least an hour before sleeping. It will add significantly to your quality of sleep. Do more mundane tasks than being on a smart phone or internet right before sleeping. Tough is it? Do try it out!!
  4. Write in shorter spells: Last but not the least suits here aptly, as this is the easiest hobby to adopt and still the most effective. Plan to write for half an hour or a quarter of an hour, depending upon your capacity and write to your maximum. Remember don’t be judgemental about what you are writing while you are writing. Pen down maximum words in the stipulated time you have allotted to yourself. This habit is amazingly effective. You bet!! Do you know why?
  • Short writing sprints do not intimidate the writer and bring  back the momentum in writing, even if you have taken a break from writing, you will be able to  take on the track
  • The focus is easier to maintain during a shorter sprint. Because your mind has been lured with a break time after a while, it gives its best output. Try the trick. BRIBE YOUR MIND!

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