Technology Brings Transformation in Education World

The world is witnessing a very interesting transformational phase. While the internet has converted it into a global village, the e-era has connected people from different nations. And when the entire world seems to have adopted the look of the e-world, how could the education sector be left aloof?

Technology has slowly penetrated inside the classrooms to script a new story to enhance learning. Its true that technology has power to transform education, and therefore, it is important to bring it into classrooms to create a history by transforming the entire education system.

These days, there are many apps that have brought tech learning on your finger tips on your mobile screen.

Google drive tops the list of all such apps. It stays on top of the list because of its endless benefits. You can upload several pictures and files on it and can view them anywhere where you have access to your emails. Then there is Kindle which has become favourite of all researchers as you enjoy access to reading endless books.

It becomes important for students to get engaged in what they love to do. This can help in improving learning outcomes and as technology helps to engage them completely, students should be made tech-savvy in this digital world.

Technology helps a student to become thinkers/learners/risk takers in a sheltered environment.

They also learn how to be accountable themselves while not getting totally relied on the teacher. He can learn how to be independent via learning technology lessons.

In a digital era, students should be allowed to become digital literates.

They learn valuable employable skills of the digital world. They learn the art of appropriate online behaviour, good digital citizenship, cyber safety, plagiarism, working with virtual teams, self discipline in a virtual world, digital and global entrepreneurship, globalization etc.

Hence the students broaden their horizons as it exposes students to the world outside their city or country town.

Tech education also goes well in rural areas as students studying in small schools are no more disadvantaged by distance and isolation. Technology allows them to learn virtually and they can maintain their subject choices.

Technology also enables a mobile learning environment which promises education anywhere, anytime, anyhow! Hence it inspires students to seek more from school.

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