The Importance of Designing a Syllabus from a Learner's Perspective

It is very important to design a syllabus from the point of the view of the students. Different students come from different backgrounds. They have different learning styles. They would be at different levels of competencies with regard to various subjects. It is the job of the teachers to ensure that all the students get a good education and they all reach the same level of education.

There are some academicians who prepare the syllabus from their point of view. Having spent years researching a particular subject they know the matter in comprehensive details. They are able to use complicated jargon with ease and do not feel out of place no matter how difficult the topics are. But that is not the case with students. They are learning it for the first time. If the subject matter were to prove difficult to understand they would not study it properly and worse they would lose interest in the discipline altogether.

That is why it is important that the academicians think at the level of the students and design the syllabus in a way that they find easy to understand. Once again some students will be brighter than others. But a class is only as strong as its weakest link. It is the responsibility of the academicians to ensure that the bright students get opportunities to move ahead. But it is also their responsibility to ensure that the weak students do not fall behind.

The courseware has to be comprehensible to everyone. That is why when they are designing the syllabus, the academicians should use a combination of images, videos, content, and interesting examples to get their point across. This way even the most complex subject matter will be broken down in a manner that everyone can understand.

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