Tips to Design Syllabus

A simple way to excel in any course or program of study is to get and follow a well designed syllabus. Also, the main concern is to cover up all the points coming under a curriculum in order to meet up the real essence of the course. But, it is not an easy anecdote to plan a syllabus as it’s important to mind all round perspectives of every related individual in the form of novice and instructor.

A well planned syllabus is thought to be one that is easily understood by the learners and should be explanatory from the instructor’s point of view. Furthermore, your syllabus should be interactive and innovative enough to remove the droning sense of the course. However, including all these eminences in one prospectus is not an effortless task, thus below mentioned are some tips to design an effective syllabus-

  • A complete and planned syllabus should include all the interrogations from learners and instructor’s point of view like – What a learner will learn, what an instructor will teach, how much time it will take to cover up the entire syllabus, whether learners will enjoy their learning or not and how well a learner learn?
  • Each point and expected curriculum should be clearly mentioned in the syllabus to avoid any ambiguity at the time of course.
  • Syllabus language should neither be too tough nor too soft to understand, and should also convey correct denotation whatever thought to pass on.
  • Syllabus should be designed in a systematic way in the increasing know-how form, for example easiest or the basic chapters should be arranged first and then the vast and the tougher ones.

Above all, if you are designing a syllabus for the first time and are confused with what and how to do, referring a pre-designed template of your concerned subject syllabus can solve your half of the problem. 

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