In the present times, learners are always moving and it is imperative to have a compressed study material in the form of a capsule. Learning through easily accessible material like E- content offers varied benefits to the learner but at the same time the hurdles are many. The expected performance output of the learner goes down if the content does not match the delivery pattern of face to face learning. The many obstacles involved in E- learning are:

• Self-teaching pedagogy
• No live instructor
• Absence of peer interaction

These obstacles can be easily overcome by having clarity about the content of delivery and complete control over the options of delivery.

ELK Education specialises in the development of E- Content. Our team of experts also specializes in designing the delivery pedagogy. The e-learning content offered by expert content developers at ELK Education is a cohesive blend of expert inputs from consultants, designers, writers, programmers , managers , content testers who come together to work as a team in order to give a holistic appeal to the e-content. You can drop in your e-learning content development requirements to us and we’ll get back to you with the most suitable service packages.