In an attempt to evaluate the influence of learning process it is very important to agree that content development is only one of the two variables that contributes in the complete educational package and helps in determining the impact of the educational process. The material that is used for imparting education largely depends upon the quality of the content and along with that the pedagogy that is used for imparting that knowledge to the learner.

However effective be the delivery pattern, if the content is not upgraded in accordance with the dynamism in the environment, it would fail to create the desired impact on the learners. Thus, it becomes very important for the educationist to ensure that the e-learning content is developed, enhanced and upgraded in accordance with the changes in the related environment. ELK Education is the right place for all educationists who want to upgrade the educational content placed over their website. The organisation ensures that the content is revised, contemporary additions are being made and at the same time the obsolete content is removed; without affecting the original content. The team of experts at ELK Education who work in content up gradation department are experts in their respective fields and are well abreast with all the latest developments and necessary changes in their area of expertise. The multimedia and technological advancements are also been taken care of by the team of experts in the field of technology.