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Syllabus Design

Irrespective of the level of complexity and the type of course (full time or short time), structuring the study enables you to systematically proceed & achieve the educational goals. Acquire a helping hand from our professionals, develop syllabus & give a glimpse of your course to the learners’.

Three perspectives involved in curating finest syllabus include:

Learners’ viewpoint

Here, we first understand individuals perspective and then create content duly.

Instructors’ outlook

The depth up to which the instructor wishes to share information is determined and content is created accordingly.

Interactive perspective

Here, the content is created based on the extent of interactivity required.

How do we design a syllabus?
Know what goes into developing a learning-centred syllabus

A well-developed syllabus is expected to give an insight into the learner as to what he/she can expect from a specific subject/course. To help you create one such syllabus, besides understanding the goals of your course, we determine the challenging yet achievable course factors and prerequisites of the subject. While designing the syllabus, we ensure to include a precise description of the course such as the major concepts to be studied, learning objectives, assignments, assessments, policies and values.



Adherence to Institution Guidelines


Academic Integrity


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