Can a Doctoral Candidate Opt to Not Teach?

There are many concerns and doubts about the employability alternatives of doctoral candidates. These days, more of the discussions of doctoral candidates revolve around teaching as a career option for PhD. A lot of them have picked up and developed this view point that the skill of teaching is an essential requisite for a great academic career.

Even if this is the main forte for PhD holders, the opportunity to undertake teaching duties during doctoral studies are not offered to all. Teaching is a great learning experience, it is a wonderful way to transfer knowledge and engage the audience in your area of study. This goes without saying that teaching duties should be made available to the researchers, a lot of other discussions revolve around this topic that could generate interest.

In some of the Russian universities, PhD scholars who get teaching opportunities have to devote as much as 25v hours in a week to it. It does steal away a large chunk of your time as well as energy, leaving you drained when it comes to your own research. A lot of discussion also revolves around the remuneration of teaching duties for PhD students. A lot of concerns come from PhD scholars that there work is much higher but does not get acknowledged.

Another significant concern is having the teaching skills. Just being thorough in your subject does not suffice. It is also important to understand how people learn and be updated with the latest teaching methods. Not many, rather hardly any get exposed to proper teacher’s training before they begin with their teaching practice. This training not just supports the doctoral candidates but also is appropriate for the students who have to be taught. Each one may have a different perspective to this and in the end I would say that teaching in the process of doctoral research is good and helpful as long as it does not take you away from your track. The priority after all should be the PhD.

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