Global Impact of Virtual Classroom Is Good or Bad?

Implementation of technology has modernized the education system not only by introducing projectors, E-Books, presentations, study videos, but majorly by virtual classroom.

 The virtual classroom is a means of imparting education worldwide by the mode of web conferencing and creating a dynamic knowledge base environment. It has made learning more interactive, discussing and competitive. Apart from these many good sides there are a few down streams too, so let’s compare the weight age of both –

Positives approach –

  • Widens the scope of learning – Study materials in the traditional classroom learning are limited for some fixed time period, whereas in the virtual learning sessions, learning materials are widely present and that too for the unlimited time duration. The only effort lies in spreading the awareness about virtual classrooms among the students.
  • More competitive and interactive sessions – Conventional learning provides a restricted interaction as learning is bounded only between four walls of the classroom. Introvert students lag behind here as they are not comfortable with rising up their doubts. In virtual learning, any students from the entire world can pose up their questions and similarly, anyone can answer the questions. Thus, silent members can also add their suggestions in the chat box.
  • Continuous feedback – For teachers virtual classrooms provide a bigger space and column to add up their feedback for each and every student on a regular basis. More interactive and commenting student is given good feedback and vice versa. Whereas in conventional classrooms this is limited and is tough to be marked up.

Negative approach –

  • Teachers may have limited interest and knowledge of computer operation and interacting with people online. Also, teachers may not be as serious with this mode of teaching as they are with the conventional one.
  • Students may not be able to afford internets and hence virtual learning sessions.

However, negative points are not that obstructive that can’t be cured. Hence, global impacts of virtual classroom are considered to be good.

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